Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Children Continue to Baffle Me

How is it that a child who is still frightened of the vacuum, trains & rain splashing in her face; yet, she welcomes wholeheartedly freezing, face-numbing wind to submerge her whole being by running against it? Some things we will never know!

Meanwhile...the other child who pours water on her head, approaches life head on & doesn't get too uptight in general was found shuddering in the safety of shelter.


Emily said...

I love how different they are! Praying mine will be the same (and thankful God knows we need them to be different, right)? XO

Jake said...

just shows that as much as we know them and have raised them, they are their own person!! Both beautiful!

Amber said...

hahaha. i love the wind too! it feels good in my hair and on my face. weird. and tayers looks sooooo cute hiding in the corner. :) little monkeys.