Thursday, January 20, 2011

A New Friend

This month's favorite stuffed animal is Spot from Grandma Scellick. Grandma told Veronica that she had a puppy at her house waiting to meet her and her beloved Puppy (below). When we got to their house before Christmas, she fell in love with a new little puppy, along with the Spot books that went along with the stuffed animal Spot. Four of the five books have these little flaps, where you lift up to see what is happening or who is there. One book, Spot Goes to the Beach, Spot's parents ask him, "What did you find Spot?" When you lift the flap, there is Spot with another dog and he answers, "A new friend!" Now, Spot wasn't the only new pup introduced during Christmas. Cadence got one too.
As Grandma was reading this part in the book, Cadence exclaims, (while holding her new puppy and pointing at "A new friend" in the book), "It's NEW FRIEND!," meaning she was holding "new friend" while Veronica was holding "Spot." So, if you happen to be babysitting our girls one night and Cadence says, "where's new friend?" She's referring to her pup.

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