Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Facet of Faces

Aside from being utterly adorable, these two girls are such delights as well. Their personalities (as you can see by the pictures) are both unique (and uniquely different), which is quite evident in their hair alone. I'm very thankful for their blossoming friendship. With Veronica going to school now, she made a friend who she constantly talks about named M. When Ben was reading a book to Veronica about friends, he said, "Oh, like M, you're best friend!" Veronica quickly said, "No daddy! Cadence is my best friend!" I feel like we're currently in that stage of wonderfulness with our girls growing in understanding & comprehension. Veronica is showing more kindness and maturing in what a beautiful heart looks like, while Cadence is, well, two years old (it's a work in progress).


Paige said...

I love the first picture with both girls. Adorable!

Aaron Sherwood said...

I like how you said Cadence is two, so "a work in progress" - so funny! But I know exactly what you mean. You can see glimmers of hope in how they sometimes obey or hug or are polite, but then they (Eleanor) throw tantrums and scream and do all sorts of things that you would never allow an older child to do. Aren't we all works in progress? Thank you Jesus that you are perfecting us as we walk in you.