Friday, January 7, 2011

Catepillars, Butterflies & One Imaginative, Outstanding Girl

My daughter (probably not uncommon like most little ones)gets a tad bit infatuated with various objects. One week it's Puppy, who was Ben's puppy when he was a boy. Another week it's butterfly, who was her little stuffed/scrunchy animal from when she was a baby, which was found in storage. Sometimes the phases are longer than a week, lasting months (insert Strawberry Shortcake). One thing is certain about her infatuations, she is consistent in the way in which she fully encapsulates the world of this inanimate object. Somehow she reminds me of a little girl I once knew (her name Kamille--maybe you know her).

One of her fascinations started one night before bed. At this point, she already knew butterfly, but wasn't acquainted with catepillar. I was sorting through some toys in the closet accumulating dust, while putting some in a box, out came a little rainbow catepillar. Grandma Scellick gave it to Cadence when she was a baby and we hadn't seen the poor little thing in months. Now, prior to Veronica spotting it, she wouldn't have batted an eye; however, at that moment she was enraptured. It became a sweet, sweet friend. A friend in which needed to be cherished, adored and tended to. Once she realized that she also had a puzzle of the The Very Hungry Catepillar, she soon began discussing the events of the day to it. As well as this...

A couple months later we found ourselves in a toy store where Veronica saw a big version of the little catepillar. To say she was thrilled would not suffice. We ended up creating a star chart where she could get a star sticker for every morning she stayed in her room until mommy or daddy came to get her. If she got 15 stickers, then she could get the big catepillar. Incentive my friends is a BEAUTIFUL thing, especially when it warrants you extra sleep in the morning. So thank you Big Catepillar!

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