Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Time for Christmas Cookies

We spent more than a couple of days at G&G Scellick's house last week.  One of the highlights was Grandma having the whole time off, which meant a lot of quality time with the girls.  Grandma had Christmas tree cookies all cut out & baked, frosting ready to go, and lots of cookie sprinkles.  Veronica took her job seriously, avoided temptation of eating the yummy elements & was the cookie decorator workhorse of the two girls.  And then there was Tayers...

Notice the bowl full of M&M's when the video starts and how it ends...

The infamous cookie

An artist at work

It wouldn't be quite done without sprinkles

Trusty ole' Veronica working hard at finishing making the rest of the cookies.  She did a great job (and so did little sis').



Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

A couple evenings back we put together gingerbread (graham cracker) houses. As you will see, this was all girl decorated, which makes for a better house. Before actually putting the houses together, the girls had put the candies into various bowls. Veronica had picked out some gummy butterflies for her house, which butterflies are all the rave for her right now. One morning, she took one gummy butterfly out of the bowl; however, not to eat, but to use as a play toy. She put it behind her back saying, "Oh look at my butterfly wings!" as she pretended to fly through the house. Imagination sure isn't lacking in this house.

Cadence's finished house

Veronica's finished house

Here's a little video of Cadence helping put candy in the bowls.

Friday, December 3, 2010

What a Daddy!

It must be said that I married one of the best men out there. I know, you're thinking, "well, my husband is the best," and I guess we can agree to disagree (but that's a good thing). I saw this picture and realized I didn't post it. It was from the first snow in B'ham. Afterward, Veronica thought it a good idea to get warm & cozy by the fire. So daddy sat down (after being outside with the girls playing in the snow) to read some books with them.

I love this man so much. He is truly that person who everyone loves when they meet him. Incredibly congenial, very diplomatic, harmonious, has such high integrity & work ethic, adds humor to life, tirelessly serves his family of girls, and treats me SO very well. He's a gracious individual and I am constantly impressed with how loving he is to any & all he meets.

His name at Camp Berachah (where we met) was G-Bear. It was decided that he was like the character Gentle Ben, who was a Bear; hence, he was Gentle Bear. There's a picture hanging in our home of a little girl walking along a river holding onto a bear. It's very fairytale-esque. When Ben and I saw it in an art shop many years ago, we both loved it. Without saying a word why I loved it, I asked him why first. He said, "well, it reminds me! Like I'm the bear & you're the little girl." That's what I thought. The bear was gentle & safe enough to walk alongside. And that's Ben. He's gentle, gracious & loving. The girls know this too. So when he barks--it comes as a surprise (right!), because it's so rare.

When I was a freshman in college, I dreamed of having my own family and allowing God to come in to redeem my past. I never thought I would have this wonderful:)