Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Christmas Tree

The girls and I each got an ornament yesterday. When we got home, Veronica said, "I need to put my ornament on the tree!" Unfortunately, we didn't have a tree yet (and I told her this). She said, "Well, we need to get a tree!" I informed her that we needed to wait until daddy came home. She then asked when daddy would be home...(in my head I'm thinking, "umm, well, we haven't eaten lunch and then you need to have a rest time. Then, daddy will get home as he does everyday). So, of course we needed to get a tree that night, even if it wasn't the most ideal time of day, because an almost four year old needed to put her new beautiful, sparkly gold butterfly ornament on the tree. I think Cadence enjoyed her ornament too--or I think they enjoyed ALL the ornaments, not just the ones they received that day.

Here is the "cheese" you can see


just4ann said...

It is so much fun now that my precious little girls are getting into Christmas.

Amber said...

hahahahaha! cheeeeeeese!!!