Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On Being Beautiful & a Sports Fan

A little Bit on Storytelling Scrapping

Each day passes and I tell myself, "I need to write that down, so I don't forget this moment." Donald Davis, an professional storyteller, says that storytelling is like quilting. A quilter goes through life collecting scraps of fabric, which will one day be a masterpiece telling a story. A storyteller goes through life collecting "story" scraps, which will one day be a masterpiece story.

I see our life and like to tuck those scraps away. Sometimes they can be woven into a bigger story, and sometimes not. Still, it's important to be a scrap collector. You may find that one day, many years from now, that those story scraps are much more than scraps, but a building block for a story that will be your very best one. Here are what I view as scraps right now and I want to tuck them away, in order to hopefully pull them out later on.

On Beautiful

Veronica said that she wanted to wear her purple dress with pink dots on it. She said it was beautiful. She wore it throughout the day and I mentioned nonchalantly how beautiful she is in the dress. After dinner, the dress had taken its beating and it was time to retire it to the laundry basket. Except, Veronica said, "No Mama! It's my beautiful dress! I'm so beautiful in it!"

I told her, "Veronica, you're right, the dress is beautiful and you're very beautiful in it. But, sweetie, you would still be beautiful even without the dress. You would be beautiful in pants & a shirt. You would be beautiful in your pajamas. And you would even be beautiful in your swimsuit, because YOU are beautiful!"

This morning she said to me, "Mama, I'm even beautiful in my nightgown!" To which I replied yes, "And you know what makes you beautiful Veronica? It's your loving & kind heart. There are many people who have beautiful faces, but their hearts are ugly & yucky. Veronica you are both beautiful on the inside and outside."

On Sports

Ben is a sports guy. This football season he has been meeting up with friends to enjoy the game with some beer (although he hasn't been able to enjoy it during our Paleo challenge). He is one of those people who enjoys fantasy sports, a true stats guy. We get Sports Illustrated delivered each week. Now, being a father of two girls, it's far too easy to get overwhelmed with A LOT of female/feminine stuff. One thing I appreciate so much is him taking Veronica to her first triple A baseball game this summer. Ben is sharing his interest & love with his daughter. And fortunately, she LOVED it.

Daddy & Veronica went to the game in July, enjoyed a hot dog, watched the game a bit, & brought home some cracker jacks. The one scary part was the team's mascot, a big Chicken, to which daddy still tells stories about the chicken and Veronica overcoming her fear (i.e. Veronica told the chicken to go back to its closetless, chicken bedroom---which was really a little shed, but she thought it was his bedroom).

Since that day, Veronica has immersed herself into watching baseball (and now football) with daddy. During baseball season, she would grab her fake hot dog, squishy baseball and sit on the couch to watch the game. She has added in a baseball card to the mix. She asks daddy, "Daddy, what's this team called?" So if you were to come over today and ask her some Q&A about the recent games she's watched, this is what she would say:

Q: Veronica, what was the last baseball game you watched with daddy?
A: The Giants & the Rangers
Q: Veronica, what was the last basketball game you watched with daddy?
A: The Magic & the Heat.
Q: Veronica, what was the last football game you watched with daddy?
A: The Seahawks & the Cardinals
Q: What was the football game before that one?
A: The Dolphins & the Ravens

One day upon entering the bathroom, she didn't have her regular Strawberry Shortcake book in tow; rather, she was carrying daddy's Sports Illustrated magazine. She later quizzed daddy about a list of football players and their names, along with team. The next day with her hand covering the last name of the player, she asked, "Daddy, who's this?" Ben saw the first name and the first two letters (Wa) of the last name & replied, "Oh, it must be Cameron Wallace."
Veronica with authority replied, "NOOOO! It's Cameron Wake!" Ben moved her hand and she was right.

The following Sunday she was watching the Dolphins & the Ravens, and asked daddy, "Who's this?" Ben answered, "It's the Dolphins & the Ravens." Veronica asked, "Is Cameron Wake playing?," because he plays for the Dolphins.

Last night as they were watching Monday night football, Veronica asked daddy, "Daddy, where's MY football (much like her baseball during baseball games)? I don't have one (giggled)! I'm going to get one for Christmas," she says with certainty.

All of this shows that a little girl can be frilly, floofy & girly, while still enjoying the game and tallying up the stats with her daddy! I wouldn't have it any other way.


Tina said...

I love this idea! And I love that she can be frilly and sporty :) I love the last picture where she is in a beautiful dress and shoes standing in the middle of dirt and shoveling it.. reminds me of myself when I was younger.. Awesome!

Lindsey said...

I love every part of your post. Beautiful sporty girls rock!

Kamille Corrina said...

Tina--yes! I love the two worlds intersecting so wonderfully.

Lindsey--thanks:) And yes those girls do rock indeed!

Paige said...

Love it! She is so much fun!