Monday, November 15, 2010

November is Birthday Month

  On Saturday morning I picked up two pink balloons & a mini doughnut with pink frosting for a birthday surprise.  Her reaction was fantastic.  She got some My Little Pony items and fun light up shoes, which I think are a contender with her Big Black Boots (see pic below). 

Our family on both sides has numerous birthdays this month.  Not only do we have many birthdays in the immediate and extended family this month, Tay's birthday kicks off the first of 10 birthdays (within the immediate family) we will celebrate under two months.  We did have a wonderful, simple birthday celebration for our Tayers on Saturday.  I'm still a bit taken back that she is two years already, because it definitely doesn't feel that long since giving her birth (labor yes, birth no).  

 My sweet Cadence,

Who knew that while I was singing at worship practice and the bass & drums would start thumping, you started moving & kicking even more...that it was a foreshadow of your name matching so well with what we know now.  You keep rhythm, not only to the music, but it's in your walk, your laugh, your cadence.  When I was in labor, waiting & waiting (42 hours or so) for you to arrive, I now see that it was part of who you are.  You have a persistent spirit about you.  Your ability to stand your ground with authority, even at age two, is a gift.  Your infectious laughter & spirit light up our home. 

I love how you are a mixture of me & daddy with that persistent & direct spirit, while being able to go with the flow & be playful.  You know what you want in life and I want you to go for it.  I pray that you would yield your will to God's, in order to love more boldly, justly & freely.  I know you have the greatest of potential to lead and stomp on the feet of injustice.  Your adventurous spirit is admirable.  I have a sense that the word "no" will only drive you to show everyone that "it CAN be done!"  And that is where I pray the Spirit of God breathes his truth & love into you and you fly with it. 

I joke that I say to you, "Charm is deceitful, beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised," but it's true.  You are so smart & perceptive.  Such a strength and I'm excited to see how God will use it.  Cadence Evangelina, you give some of the best snuggles.  Your ability to make me laugh and how you run to the corner of your crib as a game, in order to "make" mama "try" to kiss you.  You adore your sister and love being with her.  She's your favorite person and I pray that you two have the best of friendship ever.  Well little monkey--you are a priceless gem who dances to the beat of her own drum, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I look forward to this next year and I treasure this last one!
Love you sweet girl--Mama


Emily said...

Happy Birthday Cadence! What a blessing you are!

just4ann said...

My sweet little angel. Happy Birthday.