Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Catch Phrases

You know when you're walking through the clouds of seriousness, and you think, man when was the last time I laughed? Well, part of our family's mission statement says, "makes laughter a focal point of our time together." I feel like I forget that sometimes when my melancholy consternation abounds. So in keeping with laughter as a focal point, I thought how I don't ever want to forget these little moments in time (and hopefully pass some laughter on to you).

1. On Thursday night I had an appointment, so I gave Ben some instructions to cook fish for dinner. Now, our little Veronica loves listening to stories. If you've been around me (or this blog) for very long, you know I'm talking about the time old tradition of oral storytelling, not the kind found in books with fancy pictures. One story I've been retelling (and retelling) is when Cadence turns into a little fish, but finds her life as a fish isn't as good as her life as a little girl in our home. In the story, mama (played by yours truly) scoops up the once little Cadence girl, now little fishy Cadence, into a glass bowl with water.

Fast forward, Veronica is eating her dinner, then pauses & thinks. She turns to daddy and asks, "Daddy, what's this called? (pointing to the fish)" Daddy replies, "It's fish." Veronica proceeds to pick up her fish and put into her glass of water. She begins talking to her fishy, saying things like, "AWWW, little fishy, sweet fishy." Daddy turns to see what he thinks is Veronica simply playing with her food. He tells her, "Veronica, stop playing with your food. You need to take the food out of the water."

Veronica aghast replies, "But it's my fishy! The fishy needs to be in water!" A brief pause & thoughtfulness, then Veronica cocks her head and sweetly asks, "Can I keep my fish?" Ben tells her no.

When I get home, Ben told me about the night's fishy incident, while I'm hysterically laughing. "Ben," I say, "you know why she asked to keep the fish, don't you?" Ben replies, "No." "Remember the Cadence fishy story?," I answer. Ben ensues with laughter.

Stay tuned for episode two in one or two days.


just4ann said...

Oh my goodness, My precious Veronica is so funny even when she is not trying to be funny. I love the way she thinks.

Ben and Emily Wells said...

This is priceless. She is a special soul and I think I could squeeze her silly if I ever saw her. XO