Friday, October 8, 2010


We actually haven't been very busy this summer.  However, it seems like the month of September was filled to the brim with events, appointments and whatnot.  We made a trip to Artist Point Labor Day weekend, only to find so much fog that the point was nearly invisible.  On top of that, add that mama & daddy wore shorts forgetting that we are in the "cascades" at a 45 degree day.  Not to mention that the night before we went with friends here, so bedtime was later and girls still wake up a bit early, which made for a semi-miserable experience at the mountain.

I'm sure you can picture it.  The culmination of lethargic bodies, whining, wild blueberries not coming out of the coat pocket like a 3 year old would like, while the 21 month old is on broken record mode, "Mama, mama, mama..."  It's moments like these in a year from now (and more so in 20 years) that we will laugh about it, forgetting how painful it was and try again.  I guess that's the beauty of parenting.  We can fully see the hard, the bad & the ugly, but we keep with it, because the beauty always outshines.

Picture encapsulates our journey to Artist Point

Taking a lunch break

Do we look excited?

Veronica fell down and I'm comforting her

Tays painting on paper, and the wall too.

That rascal face

This was "paint in your pajamas" day

Both girls dedicated to their art

Long day of traveling requires a ride in the stroller, along with Puppy

The pool was all the rage

Cadence dancing with Grandpa on the Strip

Beautiful girl with her strewn blown hair (and messy face)

The love of a puppy--life couldn't be better

Auntie Mimi & Uncle Apple Bob got married!!

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