Monday, October 4, 2010

Disobedience & a Sweet Response

Tonight I mentioned something that a three year old shouldn't have to hear, especially when that three year old is Veronica and it was mama joking about eating ice cream. The other part is Veronica didn't pick up on the joke part and only heard those two words as reality. She was sad to find out I was joking, and I definitely needed to apologize. I helped smooth it over by telling her she could have the raspberries in the fridge. She quickly was all better, found the raspberries, grabbed a bowl (and so did Cadence) and helped distribute the berries among the two bowls.

Needless to say, one person's bowl had a few more raspberries than the other. We fixed that minor indiscretion and all was right in the world. Well, until Cadence fell over in her chair, Veronica knocked over Cadence's bowl of berries and then proceeded to "help" fix the situation. The conversation as follows:

Me: Veronica, can you put Cadence's raspberries back in the bowl? And don't eat them, they're Cadence's.

Meanwhile, Veronica ones by picking up all the berries, except that last part about not eating them evades her mind; hence, an empty bowl placed on the table. When I call her actions into question (mind you she is typically very obedient and hates the idea of disappointing us), she quickly runs to the stairs jabbering, "I need to go to bed, etc!"
When she does come back and we talk about it I ask, "Veronica, did I ask you to pick up the berries or eat the berries?". She pauses and says, "Eat...the berries?"
Me: "Veronica!"
Veronica: "Pick up the berries."
me: "Yes, and what you did was disobedient. When mama asks you to do something you need to obey the first time. What do you do now (she was clueless)? You need to say you're sorry to me for disobeying. "

At this point, she begins to ramble on and on about the raspberries, not eating them, obeying mama, etc. At which point, I'm trying to keep a straight face. But it's when she said, "Mama, I'm sorry for putting those juicy raspberries in my mouth," that I about lost it and insisted she hurry to say sorry to Cadence so I could snicker with freedom. And that my friends is the perfect apology, as far as I'm concerned.


just4ann said...

You can really see that V's mind is working. How funny that had to have been. I am sure I would have to go outside or somewhere away from the situation because I would have not been able to control the laughter thus undermining the discipline.

Stacy said...

"those juicy raspberries" !

so cute!

Aaron Sherwood said...

She just loved the juicy raspberries so much...she is so cute (minus the disobedience part) :-)