Thursday, October 7, 2010

Apple Bobbing

You know your child is listening to key elements of a story when they just happen to knock over the box of apples on the deck, only to announce, "Oh no! The box of apples fell. I lost my balance! (Veronica)" I forgot that we had just read about Ginger the cat knocking over the apples in a wheelbarrow, then falling into the water while trying to bob for them, because he "lost his balance." Shortly after, I notice there are quite a few apples in the play grocery cart (a.k.a. wheelbarrow), which I quickly said, "Umm, I know Ginger knocked over the apples from the wheelbarrow Veronica, but I need you to keep them in there."

After she realized her dream of being Ginger the cat knocking over the wheelbarrow was extinct, she had a new idea. Applebobbing! She has seen this Autumn festivity recently in three different books, so she continued asking for the remainder of the late afternoon to go "applebobbing" (sidenote: she has called her Uncle Bob at one point 'Apple Bob.' So I thought she was talking about Bob at first). I told her when daddy got home we could go applebobbing. I think the girls interpretation of this semi-lost art just might cause a comeback.

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