Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Horse is a Horse...of course of course

I think these two kids are about the cutest things ever. Here's Cadence with her buddy Corban (who is even more cute & fun in person). Our friend Biz (Corban's mama) invited us way back when to experience her horse Satin, first hand. I knew it would help Veronica, but she didn't really want much to do with the horse up close & personal. However, Cadence is a child of different breed, yet sharing the same gene pool, who was eager to sit on Satin, pet Satin & I'm sure if we let her--ride Satin. I think it says a lot about our daughters personalities. Veronica on the one hand will talk big, while not wanting to partake. She kind of sikes herself out. In fact, she was talking the whole ride there to the barn about how she would ride Satin or pet Satin, but once we got there, the noise of horse's neighing was about as much as she could bear. Meanwhile, fearless & feisty Cadence sets stage and she jumped on the opportunity to sit on Satin (oh and have a photo shoot--what a ham!).

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