Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Ferry Ride

The Friday before Labor Day I had a hair appointment. But, I remembered our friends (Lindsey & Jeremy) telling us about The Plover foot ferry running during the summer and it ending on that Friday. As I woke up early to go to the gym I was checking my FB page to find Jeremy announcing that they would be going and inviting anyone who would want to come. The opportunity presented itself and what's a girl to do?

Call the salon on the way home from the gym, leave a message canceling said appointment (bangs don't really need to be cut today--right!) and create as many experiences as we can with our family. I'm sure glad we did. You catch the foot ferry, The Plover, which is the oldest running ferry in WA, in Blaine. It takes you the long route (basically super short if we went straight there), allows your kids to steer the ferry & even stop along the way to see scads of seals, before dropping you off at Semiahmoo. The kids played in the sand (and the water, hence different pants in the pictures below), dance to the live music and dinner. Plus, we love being able to spend time with L&J, along with their fun, cute kids Parker & Evie (P was born the day before Veronica and Evie born a couple months after Cadence).

Veronica thoroughly enjoyed riding down below and looking out the window.

Tay & daddy on the deck.

Here Tay is wearing her second pair of pants as the first pair were soaked with water.

I believe Veronica wore three pairs of pants that night.

A word about Tayers...she loves being around older girls. She thinks she's one of them. I find her swarming around the older girls at playgrounds and looking at them as if she was saying, "Hey friends! It's me Cadence--yes I would LOVE to play with you...let's go!" That's what's happening here.

After examining her prospective friends, she assumes the mimic position. "I'm just like my friends mommy!"

Tayers & Veronica had lots of fun dancing. They even ventured dancing together. Sidenote: V's pants kept falling down showing a little bit of her bum. Her friend Parker was sitting next to her on the dance floor and noticed. He then stood up and pulled his pants down a little bit to have his bum show. I choose to think that he was helping his friend out:)

Here's the posse in all their glory.

Tayers shortly before she made her appearance in the water.

I love, no, LOVE pictures of Ben holding the girls' hands.

Little Tays!

Totally blurry, but totally priceless. Friends!

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