Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pickin' Some Berries (and eatin' a couple too)

We went berry picking a couple weekends back. I remembered this little organic/no-spray berry farm out in the county, just didn't fully remember where it was located. Lucky for us, especially the girls, we found it. Veronica set off picking raspberries and putting them in her basket she picked out and brought from home.

And, well, Cadence looks like she's going to join in the picking; however....

....I don't think any made it to her basket--just straight to the mouth.

Veronica must have been inspired by Cadence.

Going berry picking was a delight, while this mama was the work horse in the picking department, which is the only reason we brought any home. But, I was more than glad to share my bounty, because how could I not with such beauties.

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