Monday, August 23, 2010

Life in August

One of our outings was at Hovander Park in Ferndale.

Today is beautiful. The sun is in full shine & the pre-autumn morning quickly subsided. We had a staycation two weeks back, where we did a little exploring in terms of new restaurants & new parks for the girls. Another new was going camping for the first time. Our philosophy on camping is such:
  1. No need to start off big.
  2. No need to travel too far.
  3. No need to spend more than one night.
  4. No need to pass up Grandparents wanting to join.
At the end of our staycation is when G&G Scellick came up (about 15 miles south of our house) with their trailer to camp. We joined them Saturday morning and stayed till Sunday afternoon. It was perfect as there was a swimming pool there, which made V overjoyed. In fact, Veronica was the one lighting the fire behind us to get going in the morning. My daughter who is typically the more methodical one in the bunch was the primary motivator to get out the door. She was the first to wake up and was quick at asking for her suitcase to pack. She had been long awaiting to see G&G and her beloved puppy.

This was Ben's puppy when he was a little boy and now it's Veronica's puppy.

Grandma Scellick made Puppy's Adventure into a book. Veronica said, "Oh, look! The book is like the video!"

Cadence relaxing & enjoying a special box of animal crackers from Grandma.

Veronica was a little disappointed to find out that she wouldn't be sleeping in the trailer with G&G, but was well over it the next morning when Grandma made hot cocoa with a marshmallow on top.

I think the highlight of it all was the swimming. Veronica went three times in just over a 24 hour period. This girl is proving to be a water monkey.

In other news:
I've joined Jogo Crossfit as well, which has been really good for me. It's been hard, but very good and I can tell the difference in my overall energy & health. As for my personal health and recent posts on anxiety & what not...well, I'm still in a slump. I've been meeting with my counselor again on a weekly basis and I think it's going to take some time. I'm not sure if I have obtained a food allergy or not, or if it's just stress. It's hard to find out. I know there is a lot of stress still and I feel like my joy has been robbed of me (and it's not all back yet). It will be a process and I can see hope though.

I've also been working on our families' nutrition by creating my own starter. I've simply been caring for it and I thought I had killed it last week. But today it's full of bubbles & life. Super excited about working with it and sharing a bit of what I've learned. We bought a half of a cow in July and will be buying half of a pig this week. It's great to know where our food is coming from and how the animals were raised, especially amidst so many e.coli break outs over the past years (did you hear about the big egg recall?). And can I just say this, I'm angry with how the government is allowing these things to happen. It makes me think of the Jungle by Upton Sinclair and the unsanitary practices in the meat industry in the early 20th century. Sinclair was writing about the effects primarily upon the working class and I don't think it's been absolved. I could probably go on and on, but I'll stop there.

Next week we will be getting Veronica tested to see if she qualifies for Special Needs preschool. I'll fill you in more about that later, along with looking at what Sensory Processing Disorder is and how it specifically affects our little girl. Cheers to you on this week!


katie said...

oh Kamille...that video was precious & hilarious! My kid's stuffed buddies have been to Manzanita's our favorite vacation spot! :) Good for you for getting healthy...everyday I wake up with the same thought! Jogo looks a little scary but sooo good! Let's get together for coffee soon! I love reading your blog...thanks for sharing Kamille!

just4ann said...

I love the puppy video that Steve put together. I was prepared to ask just the right questions to V. What a great idea. I am waiting for a Grandma journal to get here. I want to share so that the girls will get to know me even though I may not be close at this time.
I am so disappointed that I will not be able to come up and visit. I was so looking forward to trying to build on a distant relationship with my beautiful granddaughter.
Every time I get to skype with you I so enjoy seeing how fast they both are growing up.
I thought that I could never love anyone more than my own children, but it is such a wonderful reward to have grandchildren to enrich my life even more. In a prefect world I would live near all my grandchildren and just pour out my love on them, of course, spoil them too. That is what grandparents get to do. I am praying that my physical issue get under control so that I can come up and really get to know my beautiful angels.
Prayers are appreciated for healing. I guess you may say that I am being a bit selfish because I want to come up. I have been thinking of trying to move that direction. We shall see. God's Will. Love you all, Mom