Monday, August 30, 2010

Dress Shopping

Veronica and I went to a little party on Wednesday for our church's worship team gathering. It was at one of my fellow musician's home. They live on the lake and I wasn't even thinking about water & swimsuits (much to Veronica's dismay). However, she was quickly appeased by her ride in the boat with mommy. She had a pretty serious face for the most part and I commented to a friend, "do you see how her face is in a deadpan?...(yes they replied) She will be talking about going on this boat ride for days, she's taking it all in." And that she did, observe-study-take it all in and chatter on & on about the whole ride home and the next day. Consequently, I let her have a s'more and that boosted this child's system into overdrive. We had fun just the two of us. And as we were driving there I asked her if she'd like to go dress shopping for Auntie Mimi's wedding (because Grandma wanted to buy a dress for her)?
Considering she is the epitome of sugar & spice & everything girly, she responded, "Yes... I'll have a pink dress, Cadence will have a purple one & mommy will have a white dress (I'm sure she was accessorizing in her head as well).

We went to the mall, where all things are stuffy and shipping sounds more comforting. Now, if you're one of these moms I'm about to describe--bless you. However, I have wondered about the mom who has a toddler (or more) in tow proceeded to scour the sale rack (& then some), while the child(ren) are whining or crying, making it miserable for everyone involved. Well, I thought that until Cadence threw herself on the floor, because she had to take the store shoes off (I was becoming that mom).

As you can see...I bought them. But before I bought the actual dresses we took home, we went into another dress store first. Veronica was in what she calls "beautiful dress" heaven. The dresses were fancier than fancy and we found one, which was your idyllic fairytale princess dress. We went to the dressing room to try it on; however, it was too big. But V still wanted to see herself in the mirror and then proceeded to walk towards the door. I let her know thr first it was too big & we wouldn't be buying it. Secondly, even if we were buying it, we would need to pay for it. Third, we would then gave to get closer to the most untypical person ever working in a children clothing store. He was like a Vulcan or something and I seriously had my doubts.

What I also realized was Veronica's understanding if the dress store was singular. She was thinking if we left Vulcan man's shop than she wouldn't be getting a dress. I reassured her and settled at the Gap (don't know what teenage Kamille would think of that). And what do you know? I called Veronica over to see a dress not only in her size, but Cadence's as well, which made V even more happy. She was the easiest, most satisfied female shopper this world has seen. We tried them on & she was sold. She diligently carried both dresses around the store and was slightly disappointed that she couldn't try on shoes like Cadence due to her braces. But a sparkly, glittery pink headband sufficed.

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awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! how exciting!!! beautiful wedding dresses!!!