Friday, August 6, 2010

Angry Mama Bear

A couple weeks back we went down to our beloved Auntie Mimi & Uncle Bob's house to spend the night, in order to avoid added stress of doing all the driving in one day. We went to the Bite of Seattle on Sunday with my in-laws, which was pleasantly relaxing. I'm not one for taking my daughters to big crowds in general, especially when they're not child friendly. Yet, with Cadence falling asleep in her stroller for the first part, it alleviated some of the potential stress (especially considering she can be quite the monkey).

I also got to meet Tom Douglas, which was pretty neat. If you're not familiar with him, he's a famous chef with a handful of restaurants in Seattle. Well, that's a side note.

We were planted on a spot on the lawn. The girls came back from listening to the Gospel Choir with G&G. Veronica sat on my lap, while Cadence sat with Ben. Eventually, Cadence came over to me sitting half on my lap and half on the blanket. Then, in a hasty blur with two worlds colliding, one in front of me and the other behind me. In front, Cadence shrieks with that high pitched pain cry holding out her finger, while I'm looking to see what happened. Then, the mama bear comes out as Veronica smiles and I realize that as Cadence was laying across, her finger was near Veronica's mouth. Meaning the obvious: she bit her sister's finger.

Meanwhile, the raucous noises behind me are mixture of crows cawing & people screaming, because a crow had fallen out of the tree. There was another crow in the tree cawing, while the one on the ground was suffering. So whenever a person would walk past the crow on the ground, the crow in the tree would swoop down trying to snap at them.

However, I was still angry mama bear and handed Veronica over to Ben, while I consoled my hurt young. Grandma was trying to get us to move, because the crow in the tree didn't look too good. And that's what's happening in the picture.


Paige said...

This whole post cracks me up! I love the picture. I love the story of the crow. I love the presentation of the reality of life with kids.

Kamille Corrina said...

Thanks Paige--completely true about the realities of life with kids. So good to see you & your family on Saturday. Hope your drive back home went well.