Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where's Cadence?

This morning Ben was busy doing house stuff, while Veronica was inside playing with her dollhouse & little family people (whom she calls Daddy, Mama, Veronica & Cadence) and sorting through papers to recycle & keep. It dawned on me that I hadn't heard Cadence. I turned to look outside and there she was sitting on the little patio chair playing with her "Lemn MewrANG" & "cup pake" dolls (Lemon Meringue & Pupcake, except it's not Pupcake the dog--it's Custard the Cat). Isn't she a cutie! Remind me of these moments when she's testing my last ounce of patience.


just4ann said...

How sweet. She so reminds me of you. You were able to play so quietly that I would have to check to see if you were alright.

Aaron Sherwood said...

look at here just playing on her own! Very sweet. -Lucy

KAMILLE said...

I wish I could capture via video of how sweet this moment really was. I went upstairs to look down through our window to hear her sweet voice chattering about.