Friday, June 11, 2010

To Use Her Cuteness Factor

There's this passage in Proverbs, known as the 'Virtuous Wife' chapter. It says, "Charm is deceitful, beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised."

Well, unfortunately for us (& fortunately), Cadence hasn't read that section; because, as far as I can tell, she uses both charm & her cuteness factor (beauty) to win us over. Does that mean she gets whatever she wants? No, because we're not grandparents. It does mean I can see more of who she is, even in the midst of me getting frustrated or upset with her behavior. As I've said to Ben (and so many others), "if she weren't so stinkin' cute..." These photos were taken on my phone with an app called Hipstamic. Basically retro style. As you can see in the picture directly below as to what I'm talking about.

You wouldn't know it, but Cadence is actually quite reserved & distant when she first meets someone. She's proving to be more shy & introverted; however, once you earn the right for her to trust you--she's a complete ham. She is a very "with it" kid. It's a reminder that language comprehension versus expressive is like an iceberg where below the water she understands a whole heck of a lot. Hence, why she gets into trouble, because she is using selective hearing when mama asks her to come. She is Veronica's little sponge too. Keenly aware of what big sister says & does, while eagerly awaiting her turn to play it out. She is also good about picking up toys or food that her sister was using or eating (as evidence below).

She has always had her "silly face (see below)." Once she puts it on, she waits for you to say, "Silly!" Then, she busts up laughing, as do we and it continues.

She's proving true to her name. When I was pregnant with her during my worship practice, she would kick very hard when the bass would rev up. Cadence seemed to suit her well. She is very rhythmic, plays the harmonica with gusto, rocks to the beat of music and dances like a star. When we were in the car I turned on the radio and the song that was playing was the ending song on 'School of Rock,' which goes, "well it's a long way, to the top if you wanna rock and roll." Cadence starts to do the nod in beat, then do the hair shaking thing and proceeds to laugh. She's performing for herself if no one else.

This face is an extension of silly face, except it's called, "Silly Sleeping Face." Makes me laugh every time.

Cadence like all kids, loves water, but especially loves brushing her teeth. She is diligent about her work at hand.

However, she never forgets to have fun. She is very different from her sister and I've been praying this week as to how to love her the best and hone the God-given gifts inside of her. I'm reminded as we sat in the doctor's office that no two people are alike, especially siblings and no two should be disciplined or loved the same way. And with Cadence as the second child, I don't want to neglect all the wonderful beauty she holds in this life or relegate her to the corner (Dirty Dancing).

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