Thursday, June 17, 2010

Father's Day Gift Idea

So there's this little girl I know. When she really smiles, you can see it in her eyes & nose. Her soft locks & occasional crazy hair defines so much of her personality. She is full of life with her voice booming most often and whispers for a mere second. When she gets angry, it's big. And when she plays, it's even bigger. She loves strawberries. It's not uncommon to hear in a grocery store, "OH MAMA---IT'S STRAWBERRIES!!!" Yes, it's in caps because she's shouting--shouting with pure delight.

Today I told her, "Veronica, this Sunday is daddy's day. That means we celebrate daddy and say, 'thank you daddy for being such a good daddy.' We also get daddy a present. What should we get daddy?"

Veronica: (her eyes widen and she takes a deep breath & exhale) "OH! An orange!"

Me: (perplexed thinking she had a grandiose idea) "An orange?"

Veronica: "Yea!"

Me: "Okay! We'll get daddy an orange. Maybe we can get him something else too."

So if you're in need of a present for your dad or your husband, you heard it here first--an orange is the perfect gift for him.


just4ann said...

what a perfect gift for a daddy. Straight from the heart.

Emily said...

so sweet. i think it would be a lovely tradition - will always make you smile. ;)