Monday, June 28, 2010

Evangitality Giveaway

I posted today at my personal blog Evangitality. Tomorrow marks a 1 year when I started the blog. I'm hosting a giveaway in lieu of the one year. Go and check out the post if you're interested and pass it on to people who you think might be interested as well.


amy said...

Kamille, I just read your post at your other blog. I am so happy for you and Veronica to have some answers to the questions you've had from month one! I know how helpful it can be to understand why challenges are challenges. It makes us better prepared and able to support our sweeties through.

You are a good mom and your devotion to your daughters comes through loud and clear. Right now you are "planting" and doing the hard work, one day you will enjoy the sweet harvest.

Kamille Corrina said...

Thanks Amy:)