Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Princesses or Combat Queens?

Grandpa Scellick said he & Grandma Scellick are feeling a bit deprived of granddaughter pictures & action. By looking at May's archives--I think he's right. The problem is our camera was misplaced in San Diego when we went last month. We have our old camera, but old it is without any video capacity & it's a bit harder to take pictures with it. Actually, strike that--it's when you get use to a better camera--using the older one is like using an older one.

The girls are growing and we've been up to a lot outside. It's been incredibly wonderful outside with the sun showering us instead of rain. After 10 minutes outside, you'll be sure to find a plethora of toys down below, which were heaved over by a little, spunky individual in the household. Veronica is sure to let me know of the misfortune without the annoying Cindy Brady voice. And if you aren't around our girls much--long hair is one thing they have in common. You couldn't guess it by the looks of curly Q below, but when wet and pulled straight--it goes down to her waist.

It's amazing how little things make a kid happy. Cadence has been wanting to be shirtless lately. Luckily, it's completely appropriate at this stage. Veronica on the other hand would like to be completely naked, but we put our foot down when she comes to the dinner table in just underwear (too messy). Cadence is babbling a bunch as if she's been filled with the Spirit; unfortunately, we have no interpreter and she doesn't seem to comprehend I Corinthians teaching on the subject. Oh well.

She loves saying "hi" to any willing soul within earshot. Today at the grocery store she said to the meat guy, "Hi!" (to which he replied the courtesy). Well, one thing most people don't realize is that Cadence isn't that say hi once girl. Once she says it and you respond--she will continue on like the broken record she is. Or she will continue to say hi until said recipient becomes the recipient. I kindly smile at the person with a look that says, "I won't think ill of you if you don't want to play the "hi" game," and try to move past them, while Cadence looks for her next match. She fills our life with intense laughter & angry, but also has a mellow spirit about her. She's a ham through and through and most likely knows you're paying attention. In fact, she is having you eat out of her hand while she's on center stage.

Like I said, Veronica isn't into clothes much these days. I just read my friend Paige's blog to find her oldest daughter in the same boat as V. If it were up to her, she would wear her pajamas all day or no clothes at all. Recently, she's gotten sick of wearing any clothes at night. So come morning, she is naked upon rising. It dawned on me how I was the same way. I hated footie pajamas and still remember taking them off to be a child at Woodstock. Then, came the coveted nightgown. Oh I loved nightgowns, especially silky ones. I've been textural & a sensate ever since I can remember. Veronica is the same way.

I came back from a weekend trip to Oregon and Monday morning I told Veronica there was a surprise in the bag on the ground. Well, first let me explain. I mentioned to Veronica how I think she might like sleeping in nightgowns and how I loved them as a little girl. Then, Ben asked Veronica if she would like to be like mommy & sleep in a nightgown before bed on Friday. She said, "YES!"

Secondly, she is one of the best people to give gifts to in the world. Her surprised, exclamation is what actors dream of sounding like. When she pulled out the nightgown she exclaimed, "(big breath) HUHH!!! OH MY GOODNESS MAMA! A NIGHTGOWN..." along with the retelling of the story of mama as a little girl, while trying to pull off her pajamas and insisting upon wearing it the whole day (along with wearing an apron during mealtimes to avoid spills on it). I only bought one and I'm thinking of turning some other clothing into nightgowns for this little girl.

And then there is ice play. Do you realize kids don't really require much fuss when it comes to play time? I had a bag of melting ice in the cooler from my weekend trip and pulled it open to let the girls play around with it. Cadence licked it, Veronica threw some over the edge of the deck to shout, "Oh NO Mama! The ice is over the edge" (as I assured her it would be fine and the ice would melt, so we didn't need to walk around to get it) and Cadence began to fill daddy's Nalgene with it.

I like the pictures below for two reasons. One is the concentration on her face. She is like this when she has work to do. When she needs a break from being silly--this is her look. Second is that I feel like I need to put some camo paint on her, so she can star in the baby Rambo.

Well, that's what's happening as of late. Ben is down to the wire studying for his CFA (charter financial analyst) test. He passed the first test before Veronica was born and is taking #2 of 3 tests. He takes the test June 5 and then I get to have my husband back. Just in time for a Bellingham summer.


Derrick Scheid said...

First off, YAY for getting Ben back soon. Oh, and good job, Ben. Second, my favorite part of this whole blog entry was how you described Cadence as having the look of concentration when "she needs a break from being silly" like being silly is central to her job description. So true! I love how your girls are so different, both have such vibrant personalities. We had Cadence in our nursery class on Sunday and she was perfect. of course. -Biz

ps. can we have coffee together soon, PLEASE???

Paige said...

I enjoyed this post and love your descriptions of your girls. They are gems! And, every time I read your posts, I think "why do we live so far apart?" Bummer. But I guess for now we'll have to be virtual friends.