Monday, May 31, 2010

Opposites & Similarities

This is adapted from the book Sisters by David McPhail.

This is the story of two sisters...who, in many ways were different.

One had curly hair.

One had straight hair.

One enjoyed playing peacefully, while in a dress.
The other enjoyed playing in pants & getting into monkey business.

One liked being precise & detailed on her work...

...while the other imagined herself as a princess in a far away tower.
One enjoyed climbing on top of the other, while the other ignored her to read a book.

But, they were also alike in many ways.

They both loved to have fun stomping in puddles.

And they love watching Strawberry Shortcake together.

They both love going on walks together.

And life would not be complete without getting messy together.

But, the thing they had in common above all else, is that they loved each other so very much.


Paige said...

So sweet. I'm going to have to check out the book Sisters. I'm so glad your girls are so different and so in love with each other! What fun.

Aaron Sherwood said...

Kamille, that was the sweetest thing ever! You should really write children's stories. That's what that sounded like to me. What beautiful sisters :-)

Kamille Corrina said...

Thanks Lucy!

And Paige--they do love each other for sure, but that's not to say they have their moments:)