Friday, April 30, 2010

Meet the Fist

For those of you that have never been acquainted with the fist, let me introduce you. It's really quite simple, yet it's origins are unknown & it's arrival is not documented. Roughly four months ago Veronica would fall into a trance like state watching Strawberry Shortcake, or have imaginary playtime. While she was completely involved in this "other" world, she might voice, "Mama go away," or "No daddy, only Veronica." She wanted to be in her own world without us there.

This makes complete sense. I know there are some movies, shows, or conversations that I want to do solo. Well, as time progressed & we asked Veronica to ask us to leave politely, she developed what we have later dubbed, "the fist." This is where she would put her fist up to block our faces out of her view (see picture below).

The fist has even been included in the times when she is facing an unfortunate consequence. And it is not uncommon to hear me affectionately say, "Veronica, don't give me the fist."


Ben and Emily Wells said...

Oh my. Totally lovable and totally something I might have to start doing when Ben is so chirpy early mornings or late at night. I'm with you, V.

Aaron Sherwood said...

that was hilarious Kamille. I laughed so hard reading this. Such a definite personality. - Lucy