Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Weekend Out

As Ben & I have been collectively thinking & dreaming about what we want our family to be about, one thing that he brought up was crossing off a weekend with no obligations to anyone, but our family. It seemed fitting due to our early spring that we would visit Skagit County's Tulip Festival. We knew Veronica would love it as she is always asking me, "what's this called (in reference to type of flower)?" Of course, we had a couple meltdowns, and some little people who will remain unnamed--chose yucky attitudes, made for me questioning why we wanted to spend time as a family?

They wouldn't smile with mama, hence meltdown on the horizon.

Luckily, they would with daddy. Note to self: take family pics first thing next time.

No, but seriously, it was good to allow the girls to wander around, see the fascination on Veronica's face as she discovered yet another tulip, while Cadence lavished in a big open field to run loose. (Sidenote: why do we as parents forget that nothing has to be that big with kids--as we realized a walk around the neighborhood would have sufficed & tantrums to be avoided. But then we wouldn't be creating memories of the Tulip fields.)

Both girls enjoying the beauty of the flowers.

Caught Cadence in mid fall. Luckily...

...she continues to smile even after falling & is sure cute, too.

One of the highlights was Veronica's fascination with the tulip map. Once again, the novelty of a free brochure is always a sure hit for kids. I asked Veronica where we needed to go to find the tulips, she needed to consult her map.

She was still looking for those tulips.

And still looking for those tulips?!

She needed a break to rest her hands in her pocket from all that hard searching.

Cadence too was getting a bit worn out, so she needed to take a breather.

Mama's theory is proven--no need to pay money to get in the tulip fields, nor pay $6 for tulips, just show your daughter the dandelions sitting on a bench--pure bliss.

And here were all our failed attempts to get both girls to smile at the camera. Once again, take these pictures first thing, not last thing.

Cadence was having none of this as she was climbing off the bench.

And the question is, "Will we be back next year?" "YES!" Except we will remember the notes from this post and apply them next year. So if you haven't been yet, learn from our mistakes.

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Lindsey said...

I LOVE the tulip festival!!! I just told Tim that I was sad we are missing it. Maybe next year we can make a special trip up there just for that. I'm glad you guys had fun. I think I will console myself with a bunch of pink tulips.