Monday, March 8, 2010

The Warm Hat

When I worked as a preschool teacher the year Ben and I were engaged, there were certain kids who stood out, in terms of eccentricity. I know every parent thinks their child is unique, special, or extraordinarily unlike any specimen they've ever encountered. But really--it's true! And in my case, I feel like Veronica is more so than most kids I meet. I'm not saying that the other kids I meet are not unique or extraordinarily out of this world, but I am saying that she is a kid who stands out a bit more. She walks to the "beat of her own drum."

This was only confirmed a bit more when Ben came downstairs yesterday morning to Veronica wearing a "hat" on her head. However, it wasn't an ordinary hat, but a box from Dairy Queen. As we were heading out the door to go to worship service, she began asking, "Where's my hat? Where's my hat?" I showed her where her hat was and she also asked for her gloves, because it was cold outside (because a box hat is really going to keep your ears & head warm in 40 degree weather, but there's no use in rationalizing this with a three year old).

She proudly wore her box hat into the building and upon leaving. When we got home she said we needed to get some cherry blossoms for her pocket (cherry blossoms are all the rage). She did use a basket a couple nights prior, along with her kitty coat in pretty cold weather.

But this time as we were heading back out the door she insisted upon wearing her gloves, so we grabbed them. Once we were at one of the cherry blossom trees, she said she needed her hat, because it was cold. Ben went back and got both hats for the girls. Except apparently Veronica didn't clearly voice her opinion about which hat. He brought back her Strawberry Shortcake knit hat (she loves this hat). Her response, "NO! Not that hat, that hat's too warmy for me!" Ben thoroughly confused. I said, "she wants her box hat. You know, the one that will keep her warm."

She happily went down the road with her box hat, sparkly tap shoes & cherry blossoms galore to choose from. I would say it met this little girl's expectations, but...

...we'll see what's in store for this little girl very soon I'm sure.


Stacy said...

I think it's hilarious that Veronica is so taken with her box hat. :) But the *best* part, to me, is that you're the kind of mama who is letting her wear it! Good job!!!

Jeff Timberwolf said...

Thanks Stacy. There are definitely things in life worth letting them do, because it doesn't hurt anyone. I think this fits in that category.


Ben and Emily Wells said...

Hilarious! I was just talking about how I think A will be the kid digging in the dirt or making shapes out of the clouds while getting scored on in kinder sports. Maybe V will be on Project Runway in about 15 years!

just4ann said...

My precious V has such a unique style it just makes me love her even more. I so adore how her creative mind works.