Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thought I'd Let You Know..or See

Our little Tayers has been crawling since August. She has learned her true art form when it comes to being on hands and knees, and gets around so very quickly. She has also been cruising, standing in the middle of a room, and showing many signs of walking for well over three months. However, to no avail this little monkey pants still chose route via crawling. It was finally about a month or more ago that she took a couple steps. But still, she didn't really want to take on walking.

Well, that is until a week ago when it dawned on her that walking was:

  1. fun
  2. not so scary
  3. "Wow, I'm really liking this!"
  4. "Man, I'm fast!"
  5. "I'm just like my big sister!"

So here is the little monkey seeing the world with a whole new view.


Amber said...

Ooooooooooooooooooh!!!!!!! we have a walking girl!!!!!!!!!!! how exciting! and she does it so well! :) tell her auntie mimi is SO PROUD!

just4ann said...

Cadence is growing up so fast...and soon will be running. I also love how V knows the names of different flowers and how she pronounces them. Love it.