Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reading & Relaxing

There is one sentiment, which rings true with Cadence--"she copies any & all things Veronica does.". If Veronica shouts...Cadence's vocals are aroused. If Veronica is making cookies (pretend)...Cadence needs to bake & taste too. And when Veronica announces that she has to peepees...Cadence declares, "peepeez," (in that wonderful high pitched tone.
And I don't want to ignore a moment such as this (deep down I'm hoping she'll learn to potty train by watching her big sister). So we put her on the potty and she has gone, just not pee yet; however, when you have such captivating material to read, who can blame her.

Of course, we soon found out the real reason she was so interested in sitting on the potty.

Monkey business, but we forgave such an adorable face as this.

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Amber said...

yay for pee pees!!!

Amber said...

a week later and i still can't get over how cute this monkey is on the potty... you know how i love potty pics :)