Monday, March 22, 2010

A New Post is Needed

There has been a lot going through my heart & head right now & blogging hasn't been on the top of my list. I think I've been in a reflective state and I know spring is semi-here. The cherry blossoms are almost on their way out, daffodils have sprouted up and my indoor seedlings have burst forth being transplanted outside. My little strawberry pot has emerged with its vines reaching into two big pots and now some little patches are sitting in the community grounds of our condo.

Cadence has really taken to walking and loves going outside any chance she can get. It's not uncommon to hear her say in her sweet, high pitched voice, "shoos, shoos," meanwhile holding her shoes. Then, she proceeds by saying, "coaT, coaT," while she extends her arm to put her coat on and then goes to the door sounding like a broken record, "owsigh, owsigh!" She sure delights us with her sweetness factor & intentional silliness.

She makes a funny face during eating time as she closes her eyes like a kid who's walking around with their eyes closed to see what it would be like if they were blind; except, she combines her closed eyes with puckered lips. Then, I laugh and she laughs and the game starts all over.

She is eager to do any and all things Veronica. If Veronica is going pee pees, so is Cadence. If Veronica is being silly, Cadence mimics with precision. If Veronica loves her soft blankie, Cadence needs to give loves to her blankie.

Cadence is also much more adventurous & skilled in coordination than Veronica overall. If my head is turned for a second, then there's Cadence standing on top of something or climbing up something she's not suppose to. I remember thinking right after I gave birth to her looking at Ben thinking, "Why did we mess up the good thing we had with our family of three?" It wasn't out of a lack of love, but more out of a great love I had for Veronica, our routine & what was so familiar. It took longer for me to attach to Cadence than Veronica; but, as I tell people, I was more sane & steady with Cadence than Veronica. And as I think back to those first few months compared to now, I'm so glad we didn't stay with a family of three. Cadence brings a special gift & piece to our family puzzle. Her delight in all of us. Her want to be like & loved by her big sister; yet, her desire to also be autonomous is fascinating.

I love the spaces in her teeth as she smiles, her ability to be calmed by a hug from mama & daddy. And her head over heels love & adoration she has for Veronica. When Veronica accidentally hit her with a rod yesterday (Veronica was in her own world), Cadence fell crying and once Veronica gave her hugs & kisses--if you just came over only witnessing Cadence's response, you would only see a smitten Cadence.

This makes me so thankful when I see how kind & good-nature Veronica is towards Cadence. And even though Cadence is more aggressive with her affection, she is learning how to be gentle (as she says, "jehull"). It's a good reminder to look at these positives in the midst of the weaknesses we so often see in our kids as parents.

Another thing I just love is their my number one fans when it comes to anything I've baked; whether it be phenomenal or just "okay," these two taste experts oblige any & all tastings. And they prefer to do it in only their underpants--maybe that makes the difference?


Jenny said...

I showed Jessie (Kennedy from Stack 8 core) this post and she whispered, "Oh, she's so beautiful!" Just wanted to share that.

Ben said...

Make that three of us that like to eat your baking in their underpants.

Emily said...

I love how you make a point to capture your girls individually. If I didn't know better, I'd think you had 2 firstborns. ;) XO

Kamille Corrina said...

Jenny--tell Jessie thanks with a beaming smile from this mama & papa. And we would wholeheatedly agree.

Ben's comment speaks for itself.

Emily--thanks and yes we have some sense of strength in each female in this house (notice I said each female--poor Ben).

Lindsey said...

Eating baked goods is always better in undies.

Amber said...

pants are forbidden in our house during a baked-good feeding.