Friday, February 19, 2010

Types of Food Blogs 1

Ben asked me before the new year if I minded if he started a blog. However, not just any ole' blog...a food blog. "Well, what would you write about?" I asked. "Oh, food, " he replied. "yes, I know food, but what kind of food? Because you know you don't really cook too often to contribute to a food blog," I said. "I make food," he responded. "What do you make? I mean, your food blog would really only consist of like three different recipes, slightly varied and it doesn't count if the food is ham & cheese sandwiches & canned soup," I replied back.

Then, I realized by the glimmer in his eye (which I typically see after I've gotten a bit sidetracked by his first question), which means he's a bit serious, but really making a joke. So I inquired a bit more, "So do you REALLY want to start a food blog? Or would it be making fun of food blogs?" I think it was a bit of both, but really the second part. Then I thought about it and told him he might be making fun of something I've posted about at Evangitality, which is why he asked me in the first place (in order to spare unnecessary spousal dismay). But Ben brings up a good point. Have you ever looked at the infinite amount of food blogs on the internet? I think Ben's would most likely be a smashing success, because he is a witty writer and conversationalist and could create an Onion equivalent to the foodie world.

Stay tuned as I will highlight types of food blogs and how Ben has spiced up your average ham & cheese on whole wheat to an Asian-Fusion meets Hungarian style.

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Paige said...

Even though I am one of those that totally loves "real" food blogs, I would enjoy Ben's slight mockery of them. He should totally do it. I agree, it would be a success.