Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sisterly Love

Laughing Time:
The two monkeys that preside in the smaller room upstairs have this little nightly routine. Daddy announces, "Would you two girls like to have some laughing time?" It started a couple weeks back when Tayers climbed up into V's bed rolling around laughing and giggling. Then, V jumped in not wanting to miss out on some free fun and the two rolled around, giggled and laughed. What's great about this is when Tayers arrived on the scene, V was the least bit interested in her. As I've previously mentioned, she has never been mean or vicious toward her little sister, it's more that--she just didn't really care to interact with her. In the past two - three months, we've seen V turn a new leaf and a new heart cultivating toward Tayers. Of course, this makes TayTay happy as she's finally getting some attention from this older yet little person whom she adores. We're very glad to see the warmth between the two.

The Guile and the non:
I was just talking about Tayers with two friends today telling them how it's hard to fully communicate/convey who she is in blogland. Mainly, it's due to the way she carries herself and the facial expressions she gives us, which makes that cliche, "a picture is worth a thousand words," completely applicable in this instance. While V has always been dead honest with an immense tendency to allow even the smallest child to push her over...I would wage to say that Tayers at five years and V at seven years on a playground while another kid is bullying them--it would be Tayers to defend. She's like that! When V gets into monkey business, melts down, or communicates, she does it with everything hanging out. She is who she is and I figure she's not into playing the guessing game.

On the other hand, you have Tayers who although is just shy of 15 months, has great tactical/espionage prowess. I see it in her eye. There's the twinkle of, "I'm cute, you don't want to discipline me (Jedi mind tricks happening)." There's the taking away her older sisters beloved soft blankie (and that twinkle again) with a mischievous look at her sister wondering what her reaction will be. She's that kid who you say "no" to and continues to press the issue to see if you were REALLY serious about it (ya know, she's just checking). She's also the type of kid who continues to make smooching noises to her sister when a complete stranger might think, "Oh how sweet," but she's really just trying to get under her sister's skin. So, I have this feeling we're going to have to watch out for this one & her coy tendencies.

My Broken Record:
We went to the Children's Museum in Burlington with our friends. After we were done we ate our lunch at a table in the Mall (where the Museum is). As we were packing up getting ready to head home, V started walking toward a shop. The shop had these colorful hula hoops right outside, which were asking to be taken down; however, I wasn't intending for my child to be the culprit. Apparently, she didn't get the memo, or should I say didn't listen very well to verbal memo, "STOP, V STOREY STOP!" (repeated more than once). And as anyone knows, a good parent is one who provides consequences for actions and follows through. Consequence: No watching Strawberry Shortcake DVD on the 25 minute car ride home. Effect: Monumental. Needless to say, I had to stop the van twice and everyone had to wait for someone to have an attitude adjustment.

After nap time, V began saying like the broken record she tends to be at times, "OH NO (and yes it must be in all caps, because this is how she talks), MAMA SAID STOP V. V DIDN'T STOP (and she's saying this 10 times fast) MAMA SAID THERE'S CONSEQUENCES, NO WATCHING STRAWBERRY DVD IN THE VAN...hohooohooo (her fake sigh)." She continued saying this over and over with minor variations, "Oh no Mama, V not stop! (waiting for me to ask why)." Me: "yeah, V didn't stop." Veronica: "Mama said there's CONSEQUENCES!!"

Line Please:
In the theater world there is a saying, "Line!," which means the actor is asking for their next line because they've forgotten. In our house it's a bit similar, except it's more like a "line with a twist of lemon." V will say a line, when what she's intending is to tell us what she is wanting us to repeat. For example, this morning I buckled her up in the car telling her that the seat belt must stay across her chest. When we reached our destination the first words out of her mouth were, "Thank you V for keeping the seat belt across my chest!" Translation: "Mama, you need to affirm me in my efforts of resisting the temptation to take the seat belt off my chest and let me know how proud you are that I overcame the miry pit."

Here are some of her "line" moments:

"Thank you V for putting my boots away!"
"Thank you V for opening up the shower curtain (even though you weren't really wanting it open)!"
What I love about these "lines" is how she helps and in her mind it really is helping. Sure she neglected to do the other two things that she was suppose to do; but, really when I think about it, I would rather focus on the things being done right than be type A mama who is picky out the what she DIDN'T do. And sure, does it go a little overboard at times--yes, without a doubt. And I think that's okay too, because it reminds me how we are here to teach her when we don't need to reward her with words while knowing that affirmation is HUGE to her and our words fill her emotional piggybank.

Our girls make our world more crazy, tiresome, mind boggling, a bit mental, and bewildered. Yet, they also make our world fun, fresh, exciting, and worth waking up to, especially when your three year old comes into our room announcing, "G'morning! I'm so proud V for waiting to get up till the light turns on (their lamp is set to a timer and she is giving us a line)."

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