Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Husband

Growing up I remember seeing how on television people met their boyfriend or husband, and it seemed like it was in the most unlikable situations (like a bar or a party). I thought, "Oh no, how will I find a husband if you can only find them in those places?" Luckily, I was naive and soon realized I serve a much bigger God (and I could use the brain the good Lord gave me too). My hometown, Yuma, AZ, is a military town, so there are tons of marines living there and I think that influenced that young, impressionable mindset in me. My experience of many marines was not like what you see in those ads on T.V. of these stellar, hardworking, high integrity men. It was many things opposite (please don't assume I'm speaking on behalf of all men in the military--that was my perception back in junior high & high school).

The beginning of our weekend away & the only pictures we took.

However, I was blessed with Ben. I call him Benny (caught on my his dad doing the same) at times, or Papa, or daddy (weird how you change names once you have kids). He is a diligent, loyal, & caring individual. If you were on the island in LOST, you would want him on your side. Heck, even if you weren't on that island, you'd want him on your side. He's never given me any reason to distrust him. He makes it easy to fulfill my end of the covenant in our marriage, by showering me with selfless, sacrificial love. There are people where you have to see their actions, before you believe their word. Ben's words are his actions. I've always admired & appreciated this about him.

We have our share of spouts or disagreements, but I wouldn't say any of them lead us to a place where we cannot ask for forgiveness and work to move forward. We dated for four years and this June will have been married for eight years, which makes a total of 11 years come July of how long we've been in a relationship. I would say our dating relationship was probably the hardest (and at times I have no idea why we kept persevering it), but I'm thankful that Ben saw something in me worth loving. In the midst of my immaturity, over reactive tendencies and brokenness, he chose to love me. He put love into action and prized me (still does) as Jesus does his bride.

I think one of our strengths in our marriage is wanting to see the other succeed. I know I want to see Ben live to the potential God has for him. I want to support him in his dreams, encourage him to dream bigger and walk (or run) alongside him in our journey. He does the same for me.

I have been having headaches everyday for the past week and they've been reoccurring the past couple months with more frequency & intensity. I'm not sure the cause of them, but I do know that Ben showered me with love by going to work a bit later today, because I woke up with one all across my head. And another thing I know is when I went to bed last night, the kitchen looked like this,

because I was busily making this (for small group),

while taking care of them (because they took opposite naps),

and then waking up to this.

One way I try really hard in loving Ben is by keeping the kitchen clean without a pile of dishes after I do a baking marathon. It's one of his pet peeves. There are times when life doesn't work they way you want it to or expect it to turn out. And we have choice on how we respond. This morning I was given a bad headache, knowing full well that I would need to tackle the mess in the kitchen (I normally clean it up before bed); however, it didn't work out like that. Ben took it upon himself to clean my mess and it blessed me SO very much.

P.S. When I was uploading the pictures from the camera, this is when I saw these pictures. Ben was probably just making a joke, but I think he deserves his own post.


Jenny said...

This made me a little misty-eyed. :)

Kamille Corrina said...

Awww--thanks Jenny:)