Monday, February 8, 2010

Acting out the Story

Ben asked Veronica, "do you want to put some clothes on?"
Veronica: "No I want to stay naked and watch Strawberry forever!"

Cadence is on the verge of becoming a walking girl. She has been taking steps here and there and we have a feeling that it is coming soon to a theater near you (actually that would be a little creepy if strangers were watching our one year old on the big screen).

Before nap time today Veronica wanted a book read, so I said okay. We finished reading 'Five Little Monkeys with Nothing To Do,' and she went off to find another book. Now, her Grandpa Scellick gave her a harmonica book which came with a harmonica. The reason being is because he wrote a story (retold orally on CD, because he's cool like that) about Veronica getting a harmonica from Grandpa. The story ends with Veronica asking mama, then daddy, and eventually Cadence if they'd seen her harmonica, where we find out Cadence put it in the fridge when mama was getting milk out. So, the book Veronica wants me to read is the harmonica book, except I tell her it's not like a story book, but more of an instruction book. Nonetheless, I go over it with her. Then, I ask her, "where is your harmonica anyway? Is it in the toy bin? (it was a serious inquiry)"
Her response: "No, it's in the fridgerator."
Me: "Oh (recalling the story)," then I repeat some of the story back. Well, after the girls woke up from their nap I went to get milk out of the fridge and to my surprise

I will get a move on giving a recap of 7 Habits tomorrow, but until then...goodnight.

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