Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Truly Tayers

Do those eyes say they're up to something? You'd be right!

Do you know when you talk about your child, or someone talks to you about their child, and you or they say how social, or easygoing, or happy they are? Then, only to see the child crying or in hysterics every time they or you see them. Yeah, I feel like this would be true about Tayers. We started putting her in the nursery during church service right around her one year birthday. She would protest and scream, and we've had #79 (I think that's the number) flash a couple times (it's one of those number flashers you see at the DMV), which means this little bug has persistence running through her veins.

And I can hear the nursery workers now, "Oh little so & so is mild and calm...(interject me saying how easygoing Tayers is)...little Cadence just isn't very happy most the time." Well, she really is happy most the time, it's just, hmmm, how do I put this nicely? She's happy, she just doesn't like the caregiver I guess. Because she truly is a happy kid. She gives some of the best kisses. Seriously, I'm not just saying this in that biased mama tone. She's 14 months old and has perfected closed mouth kisses. And she wants to give you more than one, more than two, more than three, etc.
I wouldn't necessarily kiss her with blue marker face, but who am I kidding, I probably would.

And her cuddles and hugs. They brighten up the grouchiest mood I have, because I cannot help but melt. Sure, she has her moments. You know, those full scale, proselytized body on the ground tantrum (yeah already at this age). She's a kid who knows what she wants. I always thought Veronica was a "passionate kid," that was--until I met Cadence.

Here are some things I love about this girl (in no particular order):
  • She squeals with pure delight when her sister comes into view.
  • She still has that infectious laughter that brings light to the darkest soul.
  • Her new word is "no," but the way she says it makes you keep at it to get her to continue to say "no."
  • She is proving to be picky about certain foods, yet astonishes me how she likes other ones (isn't a big fan of cheese, but likes Thai food).
  • She loves purposefully dropping her sippy cup on the ground (I think this is a common trend among 10-18 month olds).
  • She loves her music Aquarium now that mama has finally changed the batteries for I don't know how long (the lights turn on for the first time, which is like watching TV in bed).
  • She doesn't feel quite right about her day until she has had adequate snuggle/holding time from mama.
  • Her favorite book is Quack Quack!, which Auntie Mimi got for Veronica's first birthday (don't you love how toys, books & clothes get handed down).
  • Her crawling, climbing up & down the stairs (or anything), standing alone and cruising skills are impeccable, but you only get to witness them if you're lucky (now just waiting for confident walking feet).
  • She is afraid of Mumble and apparently Bella the dog (our friend's dog).
  • She ties for my #1 taste tester in the home (Veronica is the other).
  • Her smile melts me.
  • When she says, "Oof, oof," for a doggy sound.
  • When she says, "buh bye, buh bye!" while waving with her hand.
  • Her ability to be a total ham (and she KNOWS it).
  • Her photogenic capabilities are truly amazing, especially how she knows what to do when you say, "say CHEESE!" (as evidenced in the photo below)

We think she's pretty much one of the cutest kids we know, and...

...definitely one of the silliest.

A brief video of Tayers saying no


Amber said...

awwwwwwwwwww! she's SOOOOOOO cute! i miss that sweet girl! :)

Jeff Timberwolf said...

Amber, Ben and I were just looking at pictures of you as a little girl and your mom and there is a striking resemblance between you two and Cadence. Beauties all around:)


Paige said...

What a fun little girl. I enjoyed watching the video and I'm glad that V remembers the sharks at the zoo and coming to "Pear's house" afterward.

Amber said...

i KNEW it!!! i THOUGHT she looked like me!!! SO proud!! :)