Saturday, January 9, 2010

Spy on Canaan

Two weeks ago I sang an old Camp Berachah song to the girls before bedtime. It is one of those "speed up as you go" type of songs. V & C loved it, which meant this mama sang it over & over. Cadence would giggle while Veronica would get excited trying to memoriZe the lyrics.

Tonight while I began to sing I realized V knew the hand motions and especially loved the part where it goes, "two were good" (then you throw your arms up and shout "WOO!"). As she squealed for more songs to be sung, Ben & I realized she misinterpreted a vital word to the song. Here are the lyrics:

Twelve men went to spy on Canaan.
Ten were bad...two were good.
What did they see when they spied on Canaan?
Ten were bad...two were good.
Some saw giants big and tall.
Some saw grapes and clusters fall.
Two saw God was in it all.
Ten were bad...two were good. "

But this is what we heard:

Twelve men went to spy on Cadence...
And so forth where you find the Canaan's.

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