Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Birthday Week

Two weekends ago we were fortunate to spend Saturday celebrating all things Veronica. Actually, when I was talking with my friend Biz back in November, she mentioned a family who celebrates birthdays for the whole week. They extend it, so they're not piling everything into one day. Granted they have like six kids, so they probably do it out of practicality. But, I wanted to adopt this for our current two child family.

We did little things and big things throughout the week leading up to Saturday, which was her actual birthday. One day we went to the Mall in search of Strawberry scented hand sanitizer. And would you believe it, Bath & Body Works doesn't carry the Strawberry-n-Creme Hand Sanitizer anymore. I mean, yes, I did buy it when Veronica was born three years ago, but...didn't they realize that this baby girl born three years prior would grow to love all things 'strawberry?' To no avail, not one store we went to had a strawberry scented hand sanitizer. Let me rephrase that, they did have strawberry scented ones, but it smelled like they took regular hand sanitizer and put some minute amount of imitation strawberry smell in it to make a 99% to 1% ratio of the two.

We made special Danish Cinnamon Rolls for a breakfast, while delivering the rest to Ben's work and Hillcrest Kids. We had special times for playing games, pulling out the tent & tube to goof around in and got a charm bracelet with a Happy Birthday Cake for it. It was a fun week talking about what mama was doing three years ago and how we were eagerly anticipating meeting the baby inside mama's belly. I think this was one of Veronica's favorite parts. You know she is really liking a story that you're telling if her face is in a kind of glazed look. So as she lay on the bed I would tell her about her birthday week three years ago and she took all in.

I also liked an idea I got from this friend on her blog, where they have the amount of balloons match the age of the child in the living room ready to greet the child on their birthday morning. Except, we had been wanting to get her a Strawberry Shortcake mylar balloon we had seen at a local grocery store a couple months back. Veronica was thrilled to greet her berry best friend Saturday morning, since she is almost as tall as our 40 inch three year old. Veronica would hold Strawberry's hands dancing with her, talking with her, discussing three year old's political events (the social injustices of going to nap, not watching a DVD, etc.).

Veronica also got to invite two friends over for her party without their parents. We had a good laid back time, enjoying pizza from Costco (I wanted to make lunch, but who could pass up $6.99 for a take & bake pizza--not to mention more sanity for myself), playing with all the toys, and finally eating the coveted Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes. Pure Bliss!

Here's what Veronica was saying about her party the hours and days after the party ended:

"Eronica opened the door, but mama said Adri's not there. Then, Adri came to the door. Eronica open (imagine the inflection) the door and Adri took off her coat and gave me a present. I eat pizza (all this is going like 50 miles a minute), then everyone sings a song. Mama put a candle in my ice cream cone, and I blow it out (she puts her hand near her mouth as she says this pretending to blow & show the proximity of the candle to her face). Then, I lick the ice cream frosting and eat the ice cream cupcake. Gavrie ate his cone. Eronica goes peepee's and then open presents."
As a mama, it continues to get more surreal as I see my little grow into a big girl. Even as I looked at pictures from this past summer compared to now, we've seen more baby fat fade and a little girl blossom. While Ben and I were getting ready to go to sleep one night, I was reflecting on a future realization that I can lose track of at times. How although I'm her number one right now and she adores me, needs me and wants to be near me right now...all that will change and she won't necessarily adore me, need me, or want me. I realized how much I need to cling to these precious years of her being my little girl, snatch all the snuggles & hugs I can get and chase after the moments of her & me time while I can.

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