Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time Stand Still

As the seconds turn into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into a day, and days eventually turn into years gone by. With all the minutes that have gone by since my girls appearance on the scene, I wish I could bottle up every smile, sneaky nose scrunch, witty comment, dramatic performance (well almost all), etc, etc.

From my end of the telescope:

*When Veronica runs out of the bathroom after she's gone poopoos with her face lit up with accomplishment & delight, waiting for a praise.
*When Tayers attacks her sister with utter glee and infectious laughter.
*When Veronica spots me looking at her while in the car, her squinty-eyed smile.
*When Cadence comes in close for numerous kisses.
*When Veronica puts on my shoes & hat; then, picks up the basket as if she were Ginger Snap from Strawberry Shortcake bringing cookies to share.
*When Veronica throwing me bait by saying, "Eronica no hold mama's hands!" To which I replied, "Oh Veronica couldn't hold mama's hands, because I was wearing GLOVES?!" To which she spins around saying, "TOOOO Glovey! Too glovey!" (She wouldn't hold her bare hand with my gloved hand the other night and said, "too glovey!" She overheard us laughing...and you know the rest of the story).

Here's some videos of special moments too!


just4ann said...

That is so funny how Cadence goes after Veronica. I love the laugh.

Amber said...

i love how cadence crawls all over veronica and she just keeps pushing her off. :)