Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sweet Words

It's in those moments when your child is reflecting & out pops the sweetest, sincere words you have ever heard (at least at the current moment). We had two of these moments in one day--I know, quite the record.

While eating dinner, Veronica paused with thoughtful inflection saying, "I love Gramma & Grampa."

Earlier in the day before eating lunch we prayed, thanking Jesus for our food. I typically say, "Thank you for this food & nourish it to our bodies," but I happened to pray for Ben to get better & for the rest of us to stay healthy. It was shortly after this Veronica announced, "And pray for Granpa!" We prayed for Granpa & Ben said God would know which Granpa she was talking about. And it reaffirms in me that The Spirit of God speaks to people of all ages.

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