Friday, December 18, 2009

Cardamom Orange Cookies & My Helper

I wrote about making these cookies with my little big girl here. But what I didn't put there that only your eyes get to see is this very fun video of how she helps her mama. And might I add how wonderful she's been the past couple days since my Monday meltdown. Ben and I have put her in the pack & play at night, because her too early wake-up calls are not okay. Especially when they have been disrupting the whole family.

The amazing part about all of this is her willingness to sleep in there. When we said she might need to sleep in the crib she let out a huge, "NOOOOO! That's Baby Cadence's crib." I think she was a bit humiliated at the thought of sleeping in the crib. The pack & play on the other hand was more of an adventure apparently. We needed something to contain her as she is definitely one of those kids who needs very CLEAR & DISTINGUISHABLE boundaries. This is what we came up with and as a result...I have a little girl who is not testing the limits, instead of saying, "NO" constantly says, "OKAY (with a cheerful heart), and says after accidently kicking Cadence, "Oh, sorry Cadence." All because she's sleeping more with a wake-up call at 7:20ish. Can we say lovely?

And without further ado, here's the video:

**Note how she will repeat certain words until I repeat them. She does this to make sure I know what she's talking about.


lukeandjack said...

We have the same issue with Luke and Jack. They wake up naturally around 5am but are grumpy if they don't get at least another hour or two of sleep. We got the Goodnight Light for their nightlight/alarm clock. You can program the moon to light up at bedtime and the sun to light up when it's okay to get out of bed. It works pretty well!

just4ann said...

This is such a sweet video of Veronica the little helper. I love to watch her eyebrows show so much expression.