Tuesday, December 29, 2009

An Arizona Christmas

We were fortunate enough to spend time with my family in Arizona, which is where I grew up. My mom moved back to AZ two summers ago, being the last time she had seen Veronica. And as you can guess, a lot happens from 18 months to almost 3 years. The last time she & my younger brother had seen Cadence was about a year ago. So, you can imagine, Nana was beyond excited to see the girls. In fact, when we were waiting to be picked up by my dad & mom at the airport, the arrival of my mom with a grin from ear to ear said more than any adjective.

On Being Ticklishious

Veronica enjoyed being tickled by Grandpa Soto & Nana, where she would declare, "I'm not ticklishious!" This means she's asking you to tickle her, which they would. And after the tickling pursued, she would shout, "I'm Ticklish, I'm Ticklish!" And then she'd start all over.

On Cheap Entertainment

On our last night (we used a vacation rental house), we brought a twin size mattress into the living room (why didn't we think of this day one of vacation?). The girls loved everything about this as they quickly climbed on & off the bed. Cadence showed her spatial awareness skills and definitely bypassed the 'Ogre gene' (it's the clumsy gene on the Scellick side) by getting on & off the bed with ease.

On Sleeping

After Veronica's ticklishious fest, she began getting Nana involved in pretend sleeping. She would snooze, which isn't to be confused with her "cheese" smile. They do look the same, but they're COMPLETELY different.

On Opening Presents

This was also the first Christmas where Veronica had a better understanding of what was happening, which enabled her to help her sister in the unwrapping presents department. Next year I'm sure Cadence will get a promotion.

But it's okay since Cadence knows how to make use of her sister's presents when she's not looking.

On Playing Outside

We also had fun being able to play in the backyard, go to the park at the end of the street and Cadence eating rocks. Well, she tried to eat rocks, but we would stop her. Actually, being in the backyard showed us again how truly unique these girls are of ours. When I asked Veronica to join me on the grass, she would protest, "NO, it's too grassy for me!" **Sidenote: Veronica is really into adding a 'y' to anything she doesn't like. For instance, "the carpet's too softy for my feet, those are too Grandpa storyey's for me." So as Veronica insisted on only entering the grass with shoes on; we saw Cadence crawling across the grass toward the bed of rocks without any knee pads. Seriously, it made my knees hurt watching it.

On Seeing Close Friends

Although I grew up in AZ, there aren't that many people I keep in touch with from my 17 years of living there. My best friend from growing up was going to fly over from San Diego; but, as she put it, "my lemon of a dog" got hurt again. It would seem that every time we plan to see one another little Rocky Road dog gets seriously hurt (hip replacement sort of stuff), which inhibits seeing each other.

My other friend who I keep in touch with is Stephanie. She actually lives in the Phoenix area, so we were able to see her & her family. Matt is her husband and Amelie her daughter. Amelie is exactly 7 months younger than Veronica and a firecracker. She is one cutie and she could compete against Veronica for crazy curls. Steph and I swapped stories of how we only brush our curly Q's heads right after bed (and reassured one another of our decision as some straight haired kid's mothers look on with a condescending eye). Our time together is never long enough, but I savor every minute.

After we got home I realized I didn't take any pictures of my dad and only one picture of my brothers. I guess that's how it goes sometimes. I'll post some videos later.

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