Saturday, November 28, 2009

Simple Mom

As a stay-at-home mama, it takes much diligence and self-motivation to get all the tasks done throughout the day, as I am the one setting my schedule. This is very hard for me, because I succeed in group accountability settings. I can recall two online college classes I took and I didn't do nearly as good had I actually been inside the classroom.

I remember sitting down with Ben about a year ago writing up a job description for myself, which helped me tremendously, because it gave this abstract thinker very tangible, concrete objectives to work toward. If you're like me, or maybe you're more along the concrete, objective doer, I came across the a very wonderful website about two months ago.
It's called

Here are reasons why I have loved it:
  • The author is a stay-at-home mama (reputable & trustworthy authority on the subject)
  • She's dedicated to simple living (frugality, thrifty, & resourceful)
  • Tradition & Ritual importance (values family time via yearly traditions & rituals)
  • Creative (she has great ideas on stretching a dollar, family togetherness, etc)
  • Home Management ABC's (basics on organizing my home)
  • Working towards Goals (Tsh always writes toward a bigger goal. Her family values Family Mission Statements, which help them do everything aligning with that statement. I appreciate it, because it helps my family narrow down what we value as a family and leave everything out--without feeling guilty).
  • Grace-filled (too many of these types of sights make me feel overwhelmed, but simplemom is very grace filled & realistic. As a mama & wife, I need that A LOT!)

In a world where we are defined by what we own, who we know, or how much is in our savings account, I hope this website will inspire you to be who God intended. Blessings!

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Emily said...

I'm sooo about that - I've been struggling with the absent boundaries/expectations/concreteness of being a SAHM. Thanks for sharing the resource. I'm sure Ben will be thankful that you shared it too. XO