Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Halloween (and last of October)

I didn't really realize today was the first of November or that Fall is coming to a close. Isn't it funny that Fall isn't officially over until December 20th on the calendar, but really Thanksgiving is the cutoff. I find it more interesting how Starbucks seems to set the pace of the seasons for us.

Once their Pumpkin Spice Latte comes out on the menu, people get giddy for Autumn. Then, when the red cups make their way into the hands of consumers...the Holiday season is off and going. And of course, they keep the red cups going into the New Year to help us recover from our holiday longing (which won't come for another 325 days or so more). Slowly, they awaken our souls with the love of their Cafe Verona (decaf as well) during February. And eventually, comes Spring and shortly after Summer with their Frappuccino and Passion Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade. Amazing marketing, really.

On Family:

Well, we've been keeping busy in our home with making a family mission statement, reorganizing our budget, dealing with a little girl who likes to scream, and another one who is forever talking about some occurrence of the day. We didn't go to any Harvest Party or go trick or treating, because neither girl knew what they were missing (and one is too young to eat candy). Therefore, we did baths, ate dinner and prepared for daylight savings. Veronica did however dress up as Strawberry Shortcake for playgroup on Thursday.

She truly thought she was Strawberry--seriously. When she took the wig off it was Veronica, but when the red wig went on her head...Strawberry Shortcake appeared.

On Cadence:

Cadence is still a pro at crawling and I'm wondering when she'll start pulling herself up more frequently. She moves rather quickly on the floor and has been crawling for well over 3 months now, but she'll get there--right! Of course she will. She has been wanting more special attention time. On Saturday I took Veronica with me to run errand and have some special mama time. While daddy had bonding time with Tayers. He said he held her for at least an hour and she was in heaven. She's been pretty relaxed this past year, specifically in terms of sharing us with her older, more vocally assertive sister. However, in this past week, I think something went off inside this little body. It's as though she was saying, "Okay, I've been taking the back seat enough and I'm gonna let it all out with vocal prowess & pulling on some pant legs!"

She's been saying "dada" a lot this weekend and identifies Ben with the word. She laughs at her sister and thinks she's a hoot (most of the time). In fact, so much so, that during nap time it is a bit difficult to get Cadence to fall asleep; because, she's so excited to have some "alone time" with Veronica.
On Veronica:
Her amazing curls after a bath!

She is constantly talking as always. She is enjoying her sister more, but still lets out a squawk, "NO Baby Cadence, that's MY blankie!" However, she is quick to make sure Cadence is doing okay and her health is in good hands.

Cadence recently had a pretty bad rash, which blistered and split open on her bottom area. Veronica would say, "Put some cream on baby Cadence's rash to make it feel better!?" Then, as the rash was no longer, Veronica made the same above statement. I said, "No, the rash is all gone. Thank you Jesus for helping take Cadence's rash away!" Veronica repeated, "THANK YOU Jesus for taking Cadence's rash away!" (she said the same thing later that evening without hearing me say it).

Our mama/daughter morning. A stop at the Farmer's Market and she got a ladybug painted on her face.

She loves being able to pray for our meals and anything else that pops into her head while we're at the table. "Thank you Jesus for the soup! (I say, "yes, thank you for the soup") Thank you, thank you for going into the classroom with no crying! (I say, "yes, thank you for Veronica going into the Sunday School classroom without crying.")"

When she was upstairs brushing her teeth one evening she cried out:
"Oh no! Blankie's gone!"
Me: "It's okay, Mama will get blankie downstairs in the basement. I'll go get it."
(I leave, while Ben is helping Veronica upstairs)
Veronica: (while looking in the mirror) "Dear Jesus, please make blankie safe!"

When she is wanting to hear some affirmation she'll say, "Thank you Eronica for putting mama's shoes away!" Then, we'll say, "OH Veronica, did you put mama's shoes away? Thank you for being a helper!"

And they got some Halloween cards from their G&G Scellick, which Veronica scrambled down the stairs when she heard she got mail. Watch the video below:

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just4ann said...

I like how V says Thank you Veronica when she gives Cadence her card. How sweet.