Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monkey Business

Yesterday as I was in the kitchen, Veronica was making her way upstairs. Now, she is very open about most things in life, leaving her with little to no coy ways in her body.
I asked her, "Veronica, what are going to do."
Veronica with unabashed honesty, "I'm going to get into monkey business."

Last week I had to run to the store to get some milk before Ben left for work. When I walked in the door, Veronica hurriedly announced, "I GOT A BANANA, SQUISHED IT AND ATE SOME!"
She slurred some of her words together as the above wasn't as clear as what I wrote. I thought she was talking about breakfast. However, about 10 minutes later I noticed a banana that had been squished, as if she bit into the peel to get the fruit out, just laying on the counter. That monkey!

Today I was asking Veronica a series of questions..."Veronica, how old are you? Veronica, what's your full name? Veronica, how old is Cadence?"
Then, I asked her, "Veronica, where do you live?"
I thought she might reply with, "HERE!"
However, she surprised me with her response, but I guess not too much as she is quite imaginative.
She said with all seriousness, "In Strawberryland!"
I replied, "Yep, I believe you do!"
Like I said, she has quite the imagination and I'm sure she has imagined herself living there many times in a 24 hour period.

While we were getting the girls ready for bed the other night, Cadence crawled down the hall to our bedroom. We were originally all in the girl's room preparing for nighttime. Veronica got into monkey business earlier in the day, so when she walked into the bedroom to see what Cadence was up to, she announced quite loudly & shockingly, "OH NO, Cadence is getting into MONKEY business." **The monkey business Veronica got into was in our room by getting into mama's lotion and putting it everywhere on her body. She was going to take a nap on our bed, while Cadence was asleep in their room. I told Veronica that she was NOT to get into monkey business, but didn't heed mama's rule.

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Talia said...

Crazy Monkeys maybe with a leash and small organ you could make a buck or two? But they're too cute to exploit.