Monday, November 23, 2009

Mama's Ingenuity

The culprit:
Tonight during bath time, Ben said, "Mama did it again (or something to that affect)!" And you know what...I did! I would definitely say that what I accomplished to make bath time more enjoyable for not only Veronica, but us as parents is pure genius. And if you're a mama yourself, you know when you find something amazing that works (I mean over the top amazingly works), than you're going to relish in every post victory moment.

My ingenuity comes in the form of a shampoo bottle. However, it's not any ordinary bottle. Sure it's found at your local grocery store, but the marketing department of the shampoo wasn't thinking outside the box for it.
As you can see I've transformed your normal run of the mill 'Strawberry Smoothie' shampoo for kids into a dreamer child's personalized 'Strawberry Shortcake with Custard the Cat Strawberry Smoothie' shampoo. This was further marketed to our almost 3 year old dreamer by making the following suggestions, "Wow, you get to use Strawberry Shortcake Shampoo! I bet Strawberry Shortcake uses the same shampoo. What do you think?" or "Oh and Custard's on the cover too! Does Custard use Strawberry Smoothie Shampoo?" or "Oh my Veronica, you're going to smell just like Strawberry Shortcake!"

You might be thinking right about now, "Why go to all this for bath time?" Oh, yes...well, how shall I put this, "it's HORRIBLE washing Veronica's hair!!!" She screams, she cries, she wails, and let's out pleas to avoid bath time altogether. Over a year ago she began dreading bath time, where she didn't even want to get into the tub. That fear lasted about two months. Unfortunately, for her we still bathed her during that period. And although the fear dissipated, what remained was a lingering which changed like a bi-polar on & off their meds.

Recently, it's been getting worse, all the while her one year old sister delightfully and nonchalantly allows water to wash over her eyes. So my idea was to get Strawberry Shampoo, attach a picture of Strawberry Shortcake and hope that imagination would take off. And since I was a true lover of the original Strawberry Shortcake as a little girl, with similar dreamer tendencies...I remember my mom getting "special" strawberry shampoo for me, which made me feel more like I lived in Strawberryland.

The verdict: She LOVED it!!! Can I emphasize this enough? I mentioned that we should take the Strawberry Shortcake Shampoo with us to Grandma & Grandpa's house this week, ya know, if we needed a bath (as if it's an option right). Her response upon getting out of the tub was grab the bottle of shampoo and said, "Let's go to Grandma & Grandpa's (over & over)."

In other words, she wanted to take a bath again. She didn't cry at all. She didn't object to getting water on her hair. There were no screams, wails, pleas, melodrama galore (that came when we announced bedtime). It was sublime! Never underestimate the power of imagination in a child, especially when you can use it for your sanity.


Amanda said...

Sheer Genius! Well done Momma! I so enjoy reading about your sweet family and all your fun adventures:)

lukeandjack said...

Way to go! Now if I could only figure out how to make shampoo that smells like tractor grease or car gasoline.....maybe not.

Amber said...

HOOORAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!! It's the "no more screams" shampoo.

Talia said...

Kamille = genius. mom's need to lay down the law sometimes and be really creative other times. I love that you KNOW your daughter and are seeking to help her through is fear! Good going! I think the Holy Spirit can inspire these genius moments.