Monday, November 9, 2009

Gift #1: Affection

Our sweet Tayers is turning one year on Saturday. As a mama it is definitely a reflective time in recalling the series of events leading up to holding her in my arms for the very first time. She brings a special joy & playfulness to our family, which is irreplaceable. One of her special gifts is her love of affection.
Tayers & Cousin Lucas

Big sister has never been much of a cuddler or physical touch sort of kid, which is how we know when she's sick as she will cuddle. But Tay is truly our affection/physical touch child. She is physical when it comes to playing, being mad (yikes!) and showing her love. In fact, a couple weeks back she was acting out of character (fussy & whiny unless she was being held). Well, if I had really spent time thinking about what my daughter needed (I was thinking it was just teething), I would have realized how she wanted to be held, because that's who she is. She likes being in the Ergo, because it's close contact with Mama or Papa. By Saturday, I took Little with me for a morning outing, while Tayers stayed with Papa. When I called to check in, Ben said she was a bit whiny, but held her for an hour.

We noticed how happy she was after that morning with daddy. She simply needed some affection to be reassured.

It can get taxing as I'm trying to make a meal while there's a little crawler literally crawling (& clawing) up your leg to be held. But, I cannot get away from how much I love her climbing into my arms for reassurance as she scampers away from the Talking Mumble Penguin. She reminds me of a Koala cub in this way. Plus, I know I will long for these days when she will probably refuse Ben & my affection. So I pray that you Tayers would have discernment in who's arms to climb into to receive affection. That more than anything, you would climb into the arms of your Papa God in all of lifes storms & sunny days.

Giving baby doll kisses

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Talia said...

I love the kissing noise and the talking at the end. Happy Birthday Candence. Good job mama!