Thursday, October 8, 2009

Once upon a Kitchen

Being the resourceful mother that I am, I created a kitchen for my kitchen enthusiast daughter a while back. I knew she would love to have her very own play kitchen. Ya know, the kind you find in a store that has cabinets, a sink, and even a stove (and has a price tag far exceeding what I would like to spend).

So back to this thing called resourcefulness...below is what I created for Veronica since she was always putting her play pots on the real stove. I took a box, wrapped it in brown paper wrap and drew the very realistic burners (right?). She loved it!

Well, although she was quite thrilled with my ghetto looking stove (and probably would have played with it happily for months to come), Grandpa & Grandma gave us some money to buy a kitchen for her (and later to follow, Cadence). After about two months (when I wasn't even looking for anything), there was a steal of a deal on Craigslist emailed by my lovely friend Lindsey. Veronica went with me to see the kitchen. She of course loved it. I mean she was beside herself (as any child would be). What with an actual sink, oven, fridge, freezer, and cabinet to place food & pots into. The result.....


...Life after the kitchen....

  • Ben did say once we got the kitchen in our house if we would be getting rid of her first stove, which I sadly obliged (actually, he had more of a making fun of mama tone).
  • We rearranged our whole living room to accommodate this beast.
  • Veronica woke up at 4:30 the next morning asking to go downstairs to play with her kitchen.
  • V has always been gentle & kind with her sister, but this beast of a kitchen brought out the beast inside Veronica. As Cadence was crawling toward the open fridge door, Veronica shrieked, "NO BABY CADENCE!" while dragging her sister away from the fridge.

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just4ann said...

Ben explained to us this evening at dinner how V states that Cadence wants mama when she tries to play with V's new kitchen. It is very serious to a chef that others don't get in their way while they are creating food masterpieces in their kitchens.