Friday, October 16, 2009

Infectious Laughter

Our little Cadence is 11 months old now and although she is petite in frame, it doesn't negate how much volume can come out of such a small body. Her laughter is big and infectious (as witnessed in the video below). Her objection to getting dressed & undressed is verbalized in decibels I'm surprised she can reach. And she has enough spunk & fight within to give her older & bigger sister a run for her money.

She is one of the fastest crawlers I know and if she falls on her belly from trying to move to quickly, she'll just get back up and try again. She has a persistence, which is quite passionate (both the positive & negative). And I will have to remind myself that being persistent is a good thing (in the midst of those moments when it is being used for less desirable traits).

She also crawls rather quickly to you if you're laying on the ground, because she knows there's a belly button underneath that shirt that needs poking. I love watching the wheels turn inside that little head of hers as she tries to mimic something I've just done. Some of her current favorites is scrunching up her nose and sniffing kind of like a dog (I did it to her and she repeated it). She loves shaking her head 'no' (I think she likes the feel of her hair going to & fro). She's trying to figure out how to climb the stairs (my life will never be the same right).

We like this kid a lot and all her crazy antics...hope you enjoy the video.

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just4ann said...

She is getting so big and I am sure her personality is big as well. I cannot wait to see all of you for Christmas. I sure hope that the girls will not be afraid of me since I have not seen them in so long.