Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cautious Fearless

It's not uncommon to hear Veronica say, "Mama, tell sister story...punkin story patch...mama story," and the list goes on. Any story I've ever made up, one thing is for sure, she WILL NOT forget it. For this reason, I might decide to make up a new story after her asking me to tell a particular one for a while. I do this, because I may have told that specific story way too many times (and I need a break). However, the problem with this new story is that I will be asked to tell it over and over and over again.

With that said, two words have been coined in our home by Veronica..."ONE DAYYYY!" It's because most of my stories start out with those two words. That being said, tonight she asked me to tell "mama story, mama story." But, I wanted to spin a new tale. And like many spun before, this one began with,

"One day, there were two sisters. And these two sisters were quite opposite from one another. One was named Veronica and the other was named Cadence. These two sisters each had a special gift. Now Veronica was the more cautious sister, while Cadence was the more fearless sister. Cadence was known to jump off of high walls, dive into swimming pools head first and jump into life with a sense of abandon. On the other side was the older sister, Veronica, with her cautious spirit. She would think before walking down steps or approaching a hole in the road, and preferred a bit more safety in general.
But these two sisters needed the other one's gift. For instance, if the two were walking and found an apple tree. Veronica really wanted an apple, but she would see how far up she'd have to climb, which meant she could get hurt.

Cadence would say, "C'mon Veronica, you can do it. Just try! It's not that hard, I'll do it and get one for you." Cadence's fearless of just doing paid off. However, when faced with a creek that was rushing a bit heavy, Cadence would want to jump right in; but, Veronica's thoughtful caution served her little sister well. "Cadence, NO don't jump in. You'll be taken down the stream and could drown," said Veronica.

These two sisters needed one another. BUT, one day Veronica was up on a mountain top all by herself. When she realized how far she climbed (it's always easier to climb up than climb down), she began to get scared. "How will I climb down?" she thought. Veronica didn't have her sister Cadence there to help her be fearless. She was thinking too much about getting hurt. But, Veronica began to realize that a bit of fearlessness WAS inside of her when she really needed it. She could hear Cadence's voice saying, "C'mon Veronica, you can do it. Just try!"

And with that, Veronica said, "I can do it, even if it takes me all day." She slowly climbed down the mountain. It did take her a while, but she did it. She got to the bottom without her sister there, because you see Veronica had been given a gift in her sister's fearlessness. Just as Cadence would later receive Veronica's gift of cautiousness. Those sisters needed one another.

I told her this story as I saw Cadence continuing to stick her hand in the heater after telling her no a couple times. It reminded me of how Veronica at a young age would obey mama & daddy the first time (not always true now), because she feared getting hurt. She has always been a pretty cautious individual and as a mother I want to focus on the good aspects of it. I also feel as though Cadence will be more fearless in life. And then it hit me as Veronica lay in her bed, Cadence hand in the heater and me on their bedroom floor before bed...these two are night & day, but it will only make their bond stronger.

So my two little monkeys...I pray you two will use your strength for good in this world. And that you will be able to glean a bit of your sister's gift in your own life when you least expect it.

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