Monday, October 26, 2009

Autumn Tradition

Is there something golden and wonderful about Autumn? In my mind there definitely is, especially when you get to experience the array of colors with all their vibrancy. But even more, when you get to enjoy life with your family at the pumpkin patch. We, like most families in Whatcom County, go to Stoney Ridge Farm. As a family, we value traditions & rituals to incorporate into our lives; as well as, a means to create memories and deeper bonds in our family circle.
Going to Stoney Ridge in the morning to spend time as a family, breathe in fresh country air, take in all the colors the farm has to offer, pick out pumpkins & squash to take home is all part of our welcoming Autumn in. The other part is to come home and eat homemade chili & cornbread. This year we let Veronica stay up late to watch 'It's a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.' She enjoyed it, but I have to say that I didn't realize how often they say the word, "stupid." She has since asked to watch it again, but I keep saying no because of the word stupid.

We drank hot (or warm for Veronica) apple cider while watching the movie. But best of all, my little older girl let me snuggle with her as we sat on the love seat. The next morning we didn't go to church, as Cadence had a bit of a fever less than 24 hours earlier, so we sang songs, read the story of Jonah (from V's kid bible), gave thanks for what we were thankful for and spent time praying. And that's what I love about Veronica, as she will interject the various things we need to thank Jesus for during our prayer time ("thank you thank you Jesus for my eggs!).

Our day at the patch had been long awaited, especially with the advent of what Veronica calls, "the punkin story patch." You'll have to ask her what it entails.

The scarecrows weren't received too well by one 2.75 year old.

Upon entering the gates of Stoney Ridge, Veronica made her way to the baby pumpkins to check out their quality. We later bought two, one for each girl. It has been put to good use in our home (used as a food item for the play kitchen, bowling ball, and suck toy), not our front porch.

Veronica was a bit concerned about this pumpkin in the broken down wheelbarrow. Fortunately, she grew accustomed with it very quickly after this picture.

She patted many of the pumpkins throughout our time in the patch, just like last's the way she rolls.

On her search for the prized red apple.

Mama needed to pick her up to get just the right one.

It was enjoyed by all of us.

It was hard to get Veronica's real height, because she kept looking down as you can see. She was probably hitting 3'4.

So around this point in our time at the farm, Veronica was definitely feeling like a bit wary. Everything we suggested to do next, we received a resounding, "NOOO!" She was quite fearful of the animals, didn't want to ride the train, and simply wanted to go home.

Then, we realized we never needed to pay to have a fun time (like most moments with kids). Ben asked Veronica if she wanted to play at the playground. An astounding, "YES!"

And here are some pictures of Cadence while I took Veronica to the honey bucket.

As the pictures progress, Veronica is showing signs of being tired by the end.


Amber said...

Cute story!!! What a cool day!

Jeff Timberwolf said...

thanks amber I was just looking at the pictures. it was a fun time for sure. she was actually calling snoopy "schnooglebeak."